KDDI’s HTC One variant rocks a microSD memory card slot

KDDI's HTC One variant rocks a microSD memory card slot

So, the Chinese won’t be the only one getting the HTC One variant with a microSD card slot. Japan’s KDDI announced a similar device calling it HTC J One (model number HTL22) that also comes with support for microSD cards (of up to 64GB).

Rest of the phone’s hardware is pretty much unchanged though we guess there are some tweaks here in there to accommodate for the ever-demanding Japanese mobile market. For instance, there’s the Infrared port on the HTC J One, since that thing is apparently a nice-to-have feature in the Land of the rising Sun.

The J One keeps its 4.7-inch full HD screen and Ultrapixel camera, as well as LTE connectivity support, an array of sensors and NFC capability to make it compatible with FeliCa contactless payments.

No word whether some special version of the HTC One with a microSD card slot is heading to the West. It’s likely you’ll have to settle with the amount of built-in storage you get while relying on some cloud service to store additional media files…

[Via: Engadget]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Every version should have a microSD card slot. Not sure why HTC is doing this. It’s not like they don’t need better sales figures…

  • Roaduardo

    This is maddening. More example of HTC’s ineptitude. It’s your flagship device. This year is so financially important to you why limit device models to certain markets? You don’t think the millions of North American consumers would like duel sim or SD card slots???

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