Chrome Experiments Racer and Roll It Provide Cross-Platform Fun

Google has released some new Chrome Experiments today – two games called “Roll It” and “Racer.” The experiments let users play using multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers running the Chrome browser. Both games utilize some nifty HTML-5 and WebSockets tricks to provide a super fun gaming experience.

Racer is an 80’s themed game in which up to five players can compete in a slot-racing style game. Users can connect up to five devices that when placed next to each other create the race track on which the slot cars travel. We got our hands on a demo of this at Google I/O, and it is certainly an interesting concept, and fun to play as well. Players must navigate a race track, pressing on the connected devices to control their speed.

If you’re a fan of skee-ball, you’ll love Roll It. Roll It interfaces with a user’s mobile device as well as a desktop computer, and uses the mobile device as a controller to aim and throw the ball. Roll It even offers power-ups and various table configurations, offering some variety to the vintage game. The game features some pretty sweet 3D graphics, which are created in the desktop Chrome browser.

So fire up Chrome on your desktop and your smartphone, and check out the newest experiments from Google. Click on the links below the videos to check them out, you won’t regret it!

[Via: Phandroid] [Racer , Roll It]

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