Now There’s Even an Angry Birds Soda!

Rovio’s Angry Birds branding juggernaut just keeps chugging along. There are several versions of the game, the branded merchandise is flying off the shelves and most recently, reports surfaced that a Birds movie is in the works. Today those angry, angry birds have moved into consumables market.

While you might think a brand of pork marinade would be fitting, it looks like the birds are hawking soda pop. So far the Birds branded soda has been immensely popular in Europe. BGR reported on the phenomenon:

A leading Nordic beverage company, Olvi, just reported an 85% increase in soft drink sales and its impressive  growth is attributed almost entirely to the new range of Angry Birds sodas. This is one of the most tangible examples of how mobile game companies have started to have an impact on old industries, particularly in Scandinavia where franchises like Minecraft and Angry Birds have recently forged high-profile licensing deals.

Given the popularity of the birds here in the states, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see these sodas showing up at my local supermarket.

So folks, would you be more likely to drink a soda pop if it had your fave Angry Bird on it?

[Via: BGR]

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