TYLT accessory pack review

Over the memorial day weekend I took the time to checkout many accessories made by TYLT. Accessories are made by many companies, but finding the right balance between style and safety is a fine line. You either get a nice looking case that’s flimsy, or a indestructible-like case that looks horrendous. With that said, I believe I came away with some analysis that should help many of you when deciding on your next gel case, bumper case, or charger. Enjoy!


The BUMPR pack is an awesome deal because it offers two different bumpers for the price of one. Buyers get a traditional bumper that covers the chassis of the iPhone 5 along with a blue and black case that blankets the edges and back of the phone. This kind of bumper reminds me of a Otterbox case but less bulky, as it’s constructed with an excess of rubber and plastic. The rubber looks to be sturdy enough to withstand a waist-high drop with minimal damage. My one criticism is it’s incredibly hard to get your iPhone out of the bumper case.


Not going to lie, but I didn’t go out in public with this one. I’m not exactly the eccentric type when it comes to rocking a purple all rubber iPhone 5 case. But I did put it on my phone to see how it looked. It’s a rubber case that goes in a different direction as far as design is concerned; the SQRD name suits well as it offers up a squared edges look versus the usual rounded edges presentation. This is the perfect case to buy for your mom or significant other.


The ZigZag has a great feel and design to it. However, people who decide to buy this would have to be really into lines and glossy rubber. Still, it’s a pretty unique case.


The Band has an interesting two-tone color approach, with the inside color presented on the back of the case as a band with the logo. The one I reviewed had a yellow-ish highlighter color (they call it green, though).


TYLT’s dual USB car charger isn’t something new, but it’s unique. The company made an interesting case for a product that’s been out for years and years. The dual USB car charger is small and has an attractive fork appearance to it. This thing can fit in the small pocket of your pants without any issue, as I brought it with me after traveling with a friend. Everyone should have a car charger today, and this one from TYLT isn’t a bad one to have.


Lastly, I reviewed the TYLT Powerplant, which is a portable battery pack you can easily take anywhere. I admit I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to extended batteries or power cases because they both add a significant amount of bulk to your handset. However, the one thing I do share with the hundreds of millions of smartphone owners is we all deal with the same power drain issues. With the TYLT Powerplant, you don’t have to compromise anything as far as look and feel is concerned.

First of all, the Powerplant’s appearance is impressive — it isn’t ugly, or humongous. It’s a small rectangular box that packs a fully charged 5200mAh Lithium-Ion battery, it can offer a smartphone with two full charges or two smartphones with up to one full charge each. I tested it and it holds true! As you can see in the picture, the Powerplant I reviewed had a built-in FLEX charging arm with Apple Lightning connector.

I found the best use case for this was at a park or a cookout; both places that need you to use an outlet. Don’t know about you, but nothing is worse than plugging your phone in a strangers house at some cookout.

TYLT has more awesome accessories for the iPhone or any other Android device. Check it out here.

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