Canalys: BlackBerry and Windows Phone lacking top apps

Canalys: BlackBerry and Windows Phone lacking top apps

This something Windows Phone and BlackBerry users don’t want to admit – their beloved platforms are lacking some important apps (and few awesome games). The sheer number of apps doesn’t matter much if you can’t have what’s popular out there (presuming that popularity also includes some quality).

According to Canalys‘ report, of the top 50 free and top 50 paid apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store in the US, just 34% are available in either the Windows Phone store or BlackBerry World. This is despite “substantial efforts” from Microsoft and BlackBerry to improve their positions.

The picture can be made “a little more optimistic” by taking into account apps that are specific to a particular ecosystem, or where similar alternatives are available (think – utility apps).

However, the conclusion is that the “presence of clear gaps in their inventories cannot and should not be masked.” Canalys’ Tim Shepherd goes on to add that the availability of key apps is a “factor in motivating consumers’ initial mobile device purchasing decisions, and it will only become more so.”

As a reminder, the Windows Phone Marketplace has recently surpasses 145,000 apps, while BlackBerry has managed to pass the 120,000 mark. But does it matter?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Tell that to BlackBerry fan boys. They think they have all the apps they need…

    • basil

      and if they don’t…they ask, “who needs it anyway?”

  • Luckily with Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 it will probably be possible to have a single app that works on both. This would mean that Windows Phone would become way more interesting than it is today.

    NB : No one ever looks at how many of the top 50 apps from WP are in Android or iOS, that would be interesting too…

    NB2 : By excluding OS specific apps and adding similar apps, one can reach more than 60% of the top 50 apps (paid and non paid) from iOS and Android in Windows Phone, that’s not that bad.

  • SilverChariot

    Reality is there are much better apps in windows phone store.. !!! I think part of it is due to the live tile facility and live lock screen update facility of Windows Phone !!! There is no such facility in iOS.. and Android is just a copy of iOS atleast in the icon layout.

    I would say some top apps in Windows Phone are missing from iOS and Android currently. That is how it seems to me !!!!!

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