EE rolls out new monthly 4G SIM-only plans, no contract needed

The EE was the king of the hill as the only show in town for 4G service. A few months ago its 4G network was 45 percent of the UK’s population. But times are quickly beginning to change with the emergence of other wireless providers and their 4G networks. EE, the first carrier to bring 4G, is not going down without a fight as it plans to rollout a new set of non-contract 4G plans.

EE’s new idea is 30-day SIM-only plans that start at £23 a month for 500MB of 4G data and unlimited calls and texts, and will roll over month by month until you want to cancel — this avoids the hassle of risking being locked up for a period contractually.

However this isn’t the carriers only offer as it has a slew of different data flavors that should fit every consumer’s needs. For example, EE is providing £28 a month for 1GB, £33 for 3GB, £38 for 5GB, £43 for 8GB, and £63 for 20GB of data a month. Of course, each plan comes with unlimited texts and talk minutes.

Excited about the new plans, Simeon Bird, director of propositions at EE had this to say:

“It’s our ambition to provide consumers with the most comprehensive range of 4GEE plans possible. With these new 30-day options, we’re pleased to be providing an even more flexible way to access 4G.”

As an extra sweetener, the cellular provider will also throw in other goodies to win you over such as giving away EE Film (a service that passes out 2 for 1 cinema tickets) and a £5 a month discount for EE broadband services (optional).

[EE; via Pocket-lint]

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