Rumor: Apple Developing iPad Maxi With 12.9-inch Display To Compete With Ultrabooks?

Apple is planing on launching a new tablet bigger in size than the iPad, according to the latest rumors. Korean news site ETNews reports that the new tablet, dubbed the iPad Maxi, will have a massive 12.9 inch display, supposedly to compete against the growing popularity for Ultrabooks and convertible PCs. The device could also be aimed at the education market, becoming a replacement for traditional textbooks.

Apparently, Apple has been in talks with component manufacturers regarding the production of the mammoth tablet, which could be announced in early 2014.

These rumors seem to be a bit far-fetched, and have not yet been commented on by Apple. With the popularity of the iPad mini eclipsing that of the original iPad since its release last November, it would make more sense if Apple kept its focus on a new version of the device. But if Apple is planning on taking on the growing Ultrabook market, this could be the route they will go.

What do you think of the possibility of an iPad Maxi, or whatever it will be called when/if it debuts?

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  • Soze313

    Not a good idea to have a product name with the word ‘pad’ in the title plus the word ‘Maxi’. I can hear it now…”did you get that new MaxiPad?”

  • Jason

    The iPad Maxi? Please tell me this came from The Onion. Come on…just tell me this came from The Onion. It’s okay…it’s nawt ya fawlt. It’s nawt ya fawlt.

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