HTC One Finally Official For Verizon Wireless

HTC sells around 5 million HTC One units

As usual, Verizon Wireless decided to take its sweet time announcing the availability of the HTC One, but it finally did via a tweet today! We can expect the device to hit some time later this summer!


Not only does this mean that Verizon will be carrying one of the hottest smartphone around this summer, but it’s also a huge win for HTC. The handset maker will soon have its flagship device on all four major US carriers, which has seemingly been a hard task for HTC. The lack of exclusivity with the HTC One will allow the handset to put up an even better fight with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, allowing the user to choose between the two, and let us tell you: that’s a tough decision.

This is also a win for HTC’s “One” branding, and we’re glad to see that Verizon (whether it wanted to or not) didn’t carve ‘Droid’ somewhere in the name.

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, but we’re sure that we’ll be hearing more from both Verizon and HTC in the coming weeks!

Who is returning their recent-purchased Galaxy S 4 to wait for the HTC One?

[Via: Twitter]

  • Horse258

    Not returning my S4 cause I will not buy a device with only 16gb.
    but if they bring the HTC One out correctly with a good price I will have one.

    • HTCgreatONE

      The HTC one comes in 32gb and 64gb only* there’s no 16gb version.

  • orlandowebdesign


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