Hulu Plus Updates Android App -Adds 1080p Support for S4, HTC One, and Droid DNA

TV fans who own a Galaxy S4, DROID DNA or HTC One,rejoice! The official Hulu Plus app was updated those 3 devices specifically and adds full 1080p HD streaming. Once you’ve updated, there will be a “HQ” button. Toggling this will allow you to stream in HD.

Unless you’ve got an unlimited plan, you’ll probably want to be on a Wi Fi network. HD streaming gobbles up data pretty rapidly.

From the Play Store:

What’s New

What’s in this version:

Now offering even higher resolution playback for the following devices:
• Samsung Galaxy S4
• HTC One
• HTC Droid DNA
During playback, look out for the “hq” option. You’ll feel like you have bionic retina implants minus the deductible and waiting for its invention.
Also includes fixes for some playback issues for certain LG phones and other devices.

[Via: Google Play]

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