New Wario Ware Launches Hilarious Kickstarter Parody

The Wario Ware series is known for its slightly raunchy humor, mostly based around its protagonist’s slovenly habits and functions. Now Wario has his own crowd funding effort for the new Wii U title, Game and Wario. But Wario chose not to run a Kickstarter, opting instead for a Crowdfarter.

It’s a hilarious send up of the crowd funding model that’s become so prevalent lately, in games as much as any other media. You “fund” the campaign with Facebook likes and Tweets.  Much like a Kickstarter campaign, you’re rewarded with goodies if funding is successful.

“Each time you “donate” by clicking on the Like or Tweet button above, my charming mustache meter moves closer to a goal. Each goal unlocks fun rewards that you are going to want to share with everyone you know! I already thought I was the greatest guy on the planet, but by offering these awesome downloads, I AM EVEN GREATER!

  • If the Crowdfarter reaches 5 BAJILLION coins, I will grace you all with an exclusive digital badge that says “I CROWDFARTED!” It’s the funniest badge ever made. SHARE IT WITH PRIDE!
  • If we hit 25 BAJILLION coins, you can download a cool wallpaper image of YOURS TRULY!
  • You are not ready for this one! At 50 KAJILLION coins, you will receive my voice as a ringtone for your too-cool-for-school phone. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?
  • And, finally, if the Crowdfarter reaches 100 KATRILLIONcoins, you will have access to a new trailer for GAME & WARIO!”
Leave it to Nintendo to pull a hilarious stunt like this. So have you Crowdfarted yet?

[Via: Crowdfarter]

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