Nokia EOS and Nokia Tablet in trials at AT&T?

Nokia EOS and Nokia Tablet in trials at AT&T?

Looks like Nokia is gearing towards launching its super-cameraphone in July. The long-time rumored Nokia EOS will come with a PureView-like 41-megapixel camera sensor, yet again re-establishing the Finnish company as a maker of the best camera-phone around.

But that’s not all. You see, a Nokia Tablet may also be unveiled in the same time. In fact, it is said that AT&T among other carriers is currently testing such device on its network.

Details are still scarce on Nokia Tablet and we’re not sure whether it will run Windows RT or full-blown Windows 8. That said, we’re certain that some of the missing pieces will leak in the days ahead. We’ll get back to you with any additional information we catch…

[Via: NokiaPowerUser]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    We’ve been waiting for so much to get that Nokia tablet… C’mon Nokia show us what you got…

  • JB

    I just hope this device carries the same awesome microphones as those found on the first HTC One’s! You know, the HAAC’s used by HTC for its Distortion Free Recording. OK, so these mics were designed & patented by Nokia, but HTC did a terrific job installing them on the One; at least the first batch. Give credit where credit is due!

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