T-Mobile HTC One Update Rolling Out With Unknown “System Enhacements”

T-Mobile HTC One owners are receiving a mysterious system update today, that is reported to bring improvements to the capacitive buttons on the device.

It is still unclear exactly what this update is bringing to the HTC One, and exactly how big in size the update is. The update brings the HTC One to version 1.27.531.8 running on Android 4.1.2, and is rolling out OTA. The update is reported to bring “system enhancements,” but aside from capacitive button fixes, what exactly those “system enhancements” are is still a mystery.

So T-Mobile HTC One owners, keep an eye out for this update to be hitting your device soon.

[Via: TmoNews]

  • iamdan

    All I know is my gallery and browser have crashed since the update. Never happen before. :l

  • Jarobusa

    The file is 16Mb in size and I got it last night. So far so good.

  • Frank

    So I got the update from Tmobile on Sunday and applied it. Better responsiveness from the capacitive buttons now. On another note, articles from blinkfeed are automatically shutting down randomly when attempting to open them in a browser. It is starting to get irritating. Has anyone else experienced this?

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