Hospital reports getting return on investment for iPads in just over one week

Not long after the iPad first came out the medical industry started deploying the tablet for various purposes from storing data to researching and displaying that research. Financially, does it actually pay off to spend money on iPads in this field? One hospital can conclude it most certainly is.

That hospital, which is choosing to go unnamed, had its Chief Information Officer speak at a healthcare technology conference last year. There he revealed that the hospital saw a return on investment after purchasing iPads in nine days — just over one week. In fact, since that’s such a short amount of time he thought no one would actually believe it if announced, according to Dan Munro of Forbes.

The hospital, as you might imagine, has expanded its use of the iPad since calculating its astoundingly low ROI.

The tests done to get to the figure of nine days weren’t exactly scientific by any means. The CIO just used time-motion analysis to track clinical workflow and compared to labor costs. Still, if he was wrong and the actual return on investment took double the amount of time — 18 days — even that would have been an excellent number. The hospital most likely would have proceeded with deploying the iPads.

Hospitals in Chicago a couple of years ago also weren’t shy about praising the iPad for being such a success within them. Apple, of course, knows about these various hospitals’ successful use of the iPad and has used it as a marketing advantage.

[via AppleInsider]

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