WWDC 2013 Preview: Big, bold, and very flat

Apple has quite a show to put on at WWDC this year. The company’s stock has sunk and competition is more intense than ever. According to rumors, Apple has a lot planned for the keynote on June 10th from iOS 7 to OS X. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a convenient list of what to expect this year below, so keep reading for all the details.

iOS 7

There’s no doubt that iOS 7 will probably steal the show this year at WWDC. Will Apple unveil other software and hardware products? Most likely, but iOS 7 is a highly anticipated release for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for a number of important reasons. Let’s get right into them.

Flat UI Redesign

WWDC 2013: Flat UI Redesign

The big news of iOS 7 is the expected redesign under Jony Ive. The gloss is supposedly disappearing as is all the skeuomorphism Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall both admired so much. Most apps will instead take on a flat, black-and-white theme. Although it’s possible each will be assigned a specific color to the theme so it’s not overly plain, according to reports. Some people think this year’s WWDC app design seen to the right above is a precursor of what’s to come.

This redesign marks the first real UI overall since the debut of iOS (under the name of iPhone OS) in 2007. The goal was to simplify the OS and change it up for the better without sacrificing its reputation as being very user-friendly.

Flickr and Vimeo Integration

WWDC 2013: Vimeo

Twitter and Facebook are already built into the core of iOS, so now with iOS 7 it looks like it’s Flickr and Vimeo’s turns. Integration would mean being able to upload photos and videos directly to Flickr or Vimeo from, say, the Photos app. What also could be interesting and perhaps bold is if Apple decides to remove the ability to upload videos to YouTube, further severing ties with Google. After all, on a Mac you can upload a video to Vimeo but not YouTube.

In-Car Maps Navigation

WWDC 2013: Maps

Now that Apple has complete control over the Maps app on iOS, an expansion of functionality might show up in iOS 7. Specifically, rumors indicate Apple wants to work with car manufacturers to integrate iOS devices into cars to improve turn-by-turn navigation. Drivers could plug in their iPhones, for example, and the navigation would show up on the car’s larger display. It’s easy to see how this might open up a world of other possibilities outside of just navigation as well.

The Rest

Other rumors for iOS 7 include a quick way to toggle settings like LTE, Bluetooth, and WiFi from Notification Center and panoramic wallpapers on the home screen. Both of these would clearly be in attempt to match Android’s features. AirDrop wireless file sharing might be in the works and could debut in iOS 7 as well as an iRadio music service. Improvements to Siri could be in the cards, too.

The Mac Stuff

It would be unfair to not mention some of the other expected announcements at WWDC 2013, even if they aren’t completely mobile-oriented. In addition to iOS 7, the next major release of OS X for Mac is expected to get an unveiling and possible developer beta. Plus, with recent stores starting to sell out of certain Macs, it looks like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are getting refreshes at the keynote.

It’s important to remember that iOS 7 too almost certainly won’t get a public release during WWDC 2013. Apple will unveil it, release a developer beta, and then the public can get their hands on it in the fall. That’s the typical cycle.

WWDC 2013

Are you excited for WWDC 2013? What are you most anticipating? Speak out in the comments section below. Don’t forget to check back here on Monday, June 10th for full coverage of WWDC.

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