HP issues App Catalog update to save dying webOS devices

HP's Open webOS 1.0 now available for hackers and developers

According to the Verge, HP announced today that it is issuing a mandatory update to save all webOS devices from dying a premature death. The untimely demise of webOS phones and the Touchpad tablet involves a root certificate that is slated to expire on July 23, 2013. When this certificate expires, all webOS devices will no longer be able to connect to HP servers and sync data and connect to other services.

Rather than update the entire webOS operating system, HP decided to patch the OS with a quick fix to the App Catalog app. You’ll need to fire up your webOS device and install the update if you want your device to continue to communicate with HP’s servers. Try to do it before the July 23rd deadline or you may have to monkey around with the date/time stamp of the device to get the update to install.

With the clock ticking on webOS, it may be wise for the remaining webOS users to look into freeing their device from the clutches of HP’s online services because nobody knows how much longer HP will keep them operational. Developer and enthusiast group, WebOS Internals, has a survival kit that’ll keep your webOS running regardless of what HP does with its servers.

[Via The Verge]

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