Message to handset makers: If you’re not Apple or Samsung, make your own accessories (or team-up with the companies that make them)

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It is said that sometimes success follows success. Successful devices get attetion from accessory makers, which in turn launch new products to make devices even more successful. Look at the Apple iPhone and iPad to get the idea of what I mean. There are more accessories available for the iPhone than any other smartphone out there. The situtation is arguably even more staggering with the iPad — many Android tablet even lack basic covers.

Apple makes it easy for accessory makers by launching a single new product every year. No multiple case variants – just one device. Heck, the Cupertino-based company even holds to a single design for two years; at least it did that with the iPhone 3G / 3GS, and iPhone 4 / 4S. We’ll see whether the iPhone 5 will follow the same pattern.

In addition to the iPhone and iPad, accessory makers are also launching products for major Android smartphones, the Galaxy S III and new S4 being prime examples. What about all other smartphones? If a handset maker hasn’t released its own case, the chances are you’ll have to stick with some generic phone case. This lack of accessories makes some products less appealing than others.

So what should handset makers do about it? Simply put – the should make their own accessories, or team-up with major companies to launch accessories for their products. And I’m not just talking about basic cases but also some other products like:

This goes for companies like Huawei, ZTE, LG, HTC and many others. Accessories like these make your core products (smartphones and tablets) much more appealing. Instead of trying to out-Samsung Samsung, it’s better to focus on the little things that will make the big thing (core product) that much better.

Just a thought I wanted to share? What do you think of this idea? Could it help other vendors (not Apple and Samsung) move more of their devices?

[Image from Tracy and Matt]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Right on target. Who needs a phone if you can’t get an accessory for it…

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