BMW ConnectedDrive to add web browsing, Siri, S-Voice, and Android support

For months BMW has been hard at work on its ConnectedDrive services. Now the auto company has come up with a new roadmap for 2013 and beyond. The plan is to roll out iDrive 4.2 firmware for the 2014 model year that supports web browsing, iAP Bluetooth control through iOS devices and integration with both Siri Eyes Free and S Voice.

Understandably all this integration talk may come off a bit confusing. However, BMW cuts through the muddiness by allowing car owners to choose whether they want to talk to the car or their phone by either a single-press or press-and-hold of the steering-wheel button. This is real high-tech stuff we’re talking here.

“With the latest update to BMW iDrive, both Apple Siri and Samsung SVoice can be accessed through the vehicle’s voice command controls. With a paired device, pressing and holding the steering wheel voice command button will engage the device’s voice access. Pressing the steering wheel voice button without holding it will continue to access the vehicle’s voice command functions.”

Overall, iDrive is pretty dope as it supports many of the more popular iOS apps, including Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Rdio, etc. In addition many of BMW’s new cars will have built-in SIM cards, and the company expects that cellular access will eventually be standard or near-standard across the globe. Unfortunately, all you pour folks in a 2013 or under beamer will get left in the cold as these vehicles don’t have a clear pathway into a new upgrade plan. We’re sure those of you in a 2013 BMW should be just fine.

[via engadget]

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