iOS 7 Wrap-Up: Highlights, Official WWDC Video, and More

Today way a big day for Apple. After maintaining the same look and feel on iOS to the point of looking old and dated, Apple unleashed a massive and beautiful update to its mobile operating system. iOS 7 is a stunning accomplishment from Apple, easily showing that it’s here to stay… As if we had any doubts.

iOS 7 is pretty on the outside and chock full of goodies on the inside. You can check out all the major features of iOS below and when you are done, hop over to Apple’s website to watch some Vine-like videos showing these features in action. We’ve also linked back to the full WWDC keynote presentation so you can relive the skeuomorphic snark from Craig Federighi and the off-color commenting from Phil Schiller about Apple’s ability to innovate.

So what are you waiting for? Hit up the links below and mosey over to Apple to see what’s new in iOS 7!

Siri Updates

Siri’s learned a few tricks and got a makeover!

Notification and Control Centers –

Great new ways to control your device and view notifications!

iTunes Radio

iOS’ Music application updated with streaming music powers!

True Multitasking

Bye bye, “fast app switching” – iOS gets real multitasking capabilities!

AirDrop File-Sharing

Shares files to other iOS devices with a tap!

Camera and Photo Enhancements

Both the Camera and Photo applications have received a UI overhaul and have never looked better!

Safari Updates

Safari updated with new features and Google Chrome-like syncing with iCloud Keychain!

iOS in the Car

You can now mirror your iOS device right onto your in-car display!

Let’s also not forget that Apple also announced some impressive numbers. Over 50 billion App Store downloads and $10 billion to developers!

  • Crescendo

    Another STOLEN IDEA from Android’s HOLO UI and WP8 METRO UI combined… Stealing Samsung’s multitasking…



    Smell another lawsuit to Google for Holo UI, Microsoft for Metro UI, and Samsung for multitasking…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I don’t think Apple stole anything from anyone. If someone stole something from someone that would be Google from Apple. After all, Eric Schmidt was at Apple’s board while iPhone was launching. And judge said Samsung did infringe on Apple’s IP.

    And I’m an Android user, for the record.

  • Crescendo

    Who came with pull-down Notification Center first? Android 1.0
    Who came with simplistic HoloUI? Android 4.0
    Who came with flat MetroUI? WP7
    Who came with Multitasking/Multiwindow? Android/Samsung

    And now, crapple just copied everything from Android and WP and called its their revolutionary idea…. What Android can’t do that iOS7 can do?
    Who came first with those feature? Android or iOS?

  • mildmanneredjanitor

    Lipstick on a pig.

  • Crescendo

    Steve Jobs is a pig with lipstick?

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