E3 2013: Nintendo Announces Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Nintendo made most of its big announcements off of the E3 floor this year, via its monthly Nintendo Direct video. Among some of the exciting titles for the Wii U and the 3DS that Reggie and Co. were showing off was a new 3DS title, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Dream Team is the latest in the action RPG-lite franchise that Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga started back in the GBA days. The gameplay is a similar mix of platforming and battling, with lots of hilarious gimmicks helping you solve puzzles.

Dream Team lets you control a sleeping Luigi on the lower screen, affecting the goings on in the dream world Mario finds himself in. One puzzle shows the player tugging Luigi’s mustache in the “real world”. This stretches a ¬†plant face’s mustache in the dream world and allowing Mario to reach another platform.

Mario & Luigi will be out for Nintendo’s 3DS in July for Australia, Japan and Europe, and August for North America.


  • Spawn hundreds of Luigis that mold into different forms like bouncy towers, wrecking balls and giant hammers for special attacks or to pass obstacles.
  • Poke, tickle and move a sleeping Luigi on the lower touch screen to alter the dream world on the upper screen.
  • Master two worlds by switching between controlling both brothers when battling in the real world and controlling Mario and an army of Luigis in dream-world battles.
  • With the Nintendo 3DS system turned sideways like a book, experience larger-than-life Giant Battles with a gargantuan-size Luigi on one screen and the enemy on the other screen.
  • Find new items and gear to customize Mario & Luigi to fit your play style.
  • To help players through the adventure, the game offers various support features, like a Hint System that offers tips on surviving a particular engagement, or an Easy Mode to make a particular battle easier.
Check out the trailer below:

[Via: Nintendo]

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