HTC One to be Available on C Spire “In The Near Future”

According to a forum post on the C Sprire Wireless website, the regional carrier will be offering the HTC One to its customers. Release dates and pricing are not mentioned, but the company will be providing more details “in the near future.”

The award-winning HTC One will take advantage of C Spire’s regional 4G LTE network, which has launched in Mississippi, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Georgia. 4G will soon be coming to Orlando, FL; Miami, FL and Nashville, TN.

C Spire recently launched three flexible Unlimited plans, which start at $50 a month and “give users the ability to select the unlimited voice and data elements that uniquely fit how they use their device.”

So C Spire customers, check back with us for more details on release dates and pricing as they arise.

[Via: C Spire]

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