Samsung working on Galaxy Note 12.2 with 2560×1600 display?

Samsung working on Galaxy Note 12.2 with 2560×1600 display?

Looks like Samsung thinks some people don’t find existing 10.1-inch tablet big enough and is preparing to offer this group of people an even bigger device. The Korean company is apparently working on a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note that may be released at some point in the third quarter of this year.

According to ETNews, Samsung Display and Sharp will supply about 2.5 million 12.2-inch panels with 2560×1600 pixels resolution (a la Nexus 10) to Samsung Electronics for its upcoming tablet. It is said that these panels will use Sharp’s IGZO (Indium-Gallium Zinc Oxide) technology which is described as more power-efficient than any other screen technology out there, Sammy’s Super AMOLED series included. S Pen will also come as part of the deal — it’s a Galaxy Note device, after all.

But Samsung may not be alone in this market of huge tablets — earlier we’ve heard that Apple may launch the iPad Maxi to compete with some touch-enabled Ultrabooks. We’ll follow this story closely and get back to you as soon as there’s something new to add. Stay tuned…

[Via: SammyHub]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Who needs such a big tablet?

    • Ryan MORGAN

      You’re forgetting something. The screen might be bigger, but that doesn’t mean the tablet itself is. Just like the Galaxy S4: the screen is 0.3 inches bigger diagonally, but the phone itself is thinner, compared to the S3 🙂

      • AltayKai

        The iFag is just too narrow minded to understand that, save it!

    • oGMo

      After using the note2, I’ve been dying for a large tablet so I can actually write/draw … this sounds perfect. 12.2″ for that isn’t really huge anyway; people thought 5.5″ for a phone was too big and it’s not. The laptop I’m using has a 15.6″ display, not much bezel; if I had a tablet that size for illustration it would be great. 12.2″ should be sufficient, though. Remember, this is a Note .. not just a browse-the-web device, so it sounds like not the device for you.

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