iOS hardware and iOS 7: which devices are compatible?

Got an iOS device and wonder if it will run iOS 7 when it debuts this fall? During WWDC, Apple listed the devices that will run the OS and it’s a surprisingly robust list given all the changes in iOS 7. So for all you current iOS owners, here is a list of devices that will be supported by iOS 7:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone4S
  • iPhone5
  • iPad 2
  • iPad third generation
  • iPad fourth generation
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch fifth generation

Note, though, that the more robust features of OS 7 won’t be available on older devices like the iPhone 4. Early reports also suggest that performance might be a bit sluggish on the legacy hardware. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see Apple supporting these older devices and not making them obsolete in just a few years time.

  • Tojen1981

    “The more robust features of iOS 7 won’t be available on older devices like IPhone 4.”
    -In other words, broken and fragmented.

    “Early reports also suggest that performance might be a bit sluggish on legacy hardware”
    -Also could read as buggy, laggy, and more prone to crashing.

    • Randy Khan

      “Fragmented” would be if iOS 7 weren’t supported at all. This actually is remarkably unfragmented for the mobile world, as the iPhone 4 is now 3 years old. And of course the processors on the 4S and 5 are much faster than the ones on the 4, so you’d expect slower performance.

      In any event, giving consumers who own older devices the opportunity to upgrade to the newest version minus some features seems preferable to (and much more consumer-friendly than) telling them that the only way they can get any of the features is to buy a new device.

      • Tojen1981

        Offering ios7 on the iphone4 is really just Apple trying to keep the percentages up to make Android look bad. I doubt there is much to be gained by putting ios7 on the iphone4.

        I know first hand that putting anything above ios5 on the 3gs turned it into a laggy p.o.s. yet apple offered ios6 for it anyway even though they shouldn’t have. But since alot of 3gs were still out there, it would have looked bad not to keep offering up the latest and greatest for it.

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