Zuckerburg Reveals the Future of Facebook Home: On/Off Switch in Android App

Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook’s plans for its Facebook Home software at an investor’s meeting today, CNET reports. Facebook Home, which currently runs on a handful of Android devices such as the HTC First, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, will eventually be distributed to Android users via the official Facebook for Android app.

“We haven’t really made our big push yet … biggest thing that we’re going to do once we feel that we’re ready is to encourage people who have the Facebook app to go turn this on from within the app. Home is the first version of Facebook that was really designed from the ground up to be a mobile product, there was no real way we were going to get everything right the first time.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Once more of the kinks are worked out in the Home software, Facebook plans to offer Home as an option in the Facebook app, allowing users to use the software suite on their devices via the flick of a switch. There are no details on which devices the Home software will be compatible with, but if Zuck is looking to spread the usage of Home, it will more than likely work on a plethora of Android devices.

Facebook Home has yet to be adopted by many Facebook users, and the HTC First smartphone went to an early grave after only a month after being released. One thing is for sure, Facebook is committed to the Home software and believes that the future of the company’s success hinges on mobile use.

[Via: CNET]

  • Don

    Not available for some Samsung S4 but it does work on the D3

  • Tueksta

    who is zuckerburg?

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