E3 2013: L.A.P.D. Arrive On Segways to Shut Down Ouya Booth

The company behind the fledgling Ouya console has just earned some street cred, after a run-in with cops from the L.A.P.D., who were rolling hard on Segways. Instead of showcasing their Ouya console at the E3 event, where only attendees would get to see the device, Ouya set up a booth in a parking lot across the street from the E3 Expo so that the public could experience their device as well.

The Entertainment Software Association, the company who runs the E3 Expo didn’t like this move, and rented out spaces around the Ouya booth, which they promptly filled with big-rig trailers to block the Ouya team. Ouya responded by flying Ouya banners in front of the trailers, and increasing their street team presence.

According to a report from IGN, Julie Uhrman, founder of the Ouya console believes that the ESA rented out spaces to block the Ouya team, since they chose a different route to displaying their product at E3. Uhrman has reached out to the ESA to try and end this debacle, and so far the ESA has been silent.

No matter how much the ESA tries to block the renegade Ouya presence at E3, the plucky Ouya team is not giving up easily. Uhrman stated, “If ten more trucks show up, we’ll come up with another idea. I have a few up my sleeve.”

The Android based Ouya console is expected to launch in retail stores on June 25th.

[Via: IGN]

  • Will

    They catch me showin’… my Ouya…. , they all hatin’ cause I’m white and nerdy!

  • james456

    Those are T3 scooters, not Segways. They’re used for working in crowds because they’re raised and visible, and cheaper than horses.

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