E3 2013: Sony Clarifies PS Plus On PS4, Video Services Still Free

Sony’s E3 press conference was a crowd pleaser in a lot of ways. The announcement that used games won’t require paid licenses went over very well, and the $399 price point ($100 less than the Xbox One) certainly didn’t lose the PS4 any fans. But Sony supporters were disappointed in one aspect of the new Sony console, the requirement to pay for a Playstation Plus subscription to access several of the PS4’s features. Now Sony’s clarified that, while PS Plus will be required for online play, other features will not require it.

Video services, such as Hulu and Netflix will not be part of Playstation Plus and won’t require a subscription to use on the PS4. Also, free to play games will be able to have their own online multiplayer, separate of Playstation plus. Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida said, “As far as free-to-play games are concerned, it’s the publisher’s decision whether they put it inside or outside of PS Plus.”

However, online multiplayer in the great majority of games for the PS4 will require a Playstation Plus subscription. This is a change from Sony’s model with the PS3. Playstation Plus offers discounts and exclusives, but online play is free with or without a subscription. Playstation Plus will remain at $50 annually, and users can rollover their subscription from the PS3.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, remaining at $60 annually for the Xbox One, have been required for online play since the days of the original Xbox. But Microsoft also requires a gold membership to use pretty much all the other services on its consoles (such as Netflix). So, Sony’s still undercutting Microsoft here (a little).

Microsoft has always charged for online play, and they’ve built a huge, robust network with that money. Hopefully this extra fee will go right back into Sony’s PS Network.

[Via: Joystiq]

  • MySonyOne

    Yeah, hopefully it will go to network security. That security collapse cused a lot of people to dump Sony. They need to improve their online service a lot since they are charging for it. It was decent for a free service, but that wont cut it at $50.00 when XBOX live is such a smooth SECURE network. I hope Sony learns from its mistakes.


    For online gaming, XBOX has the better controllers. I originally chose to buy the ps3 because of the free online gaming. If I ever need to upgrade Im buying a XBOX.

    Remember people, we hold all the power people not Sony. If we dont pre-order or buy the PS4, you watch and SONY will drop the prerequisite to subscribe to ps+ in order to play online gaming.when they become worried that no one buying a PS4.

    The only thing I use my Playstation for is online gaming and thats it.

    I already pay my internet provider alot of money each month and I refuse to pay now for the right to use my internet to do online gaming. I bet they are not even going to improve the lag problem or provide dedicated servers.

    All what Sonys doing is to see how much money they can pull out of our pockets until we say, “thats enough!”

    Good bye Sony, you just lost a loyal customer since 1999. Hello PC and hello XBOX.

    • The Jester Himself

      You are contradicting yourself there. You refuse to get PlayStation plus because you are already paying your service provider money, which is a reasonable argument. However you go on to say that Sony has lost a loyal customer and you are going to Xbox, But Xbox charge you to play online, Also Xbox live now gives you 2 games a month but the games are old games like assassins creed 2 whereas Sony give you games that are slightly over a year old and this month they are giving 2 ps3 games that are less than a year. but you are obviously not a loyal customer you are just using the PS+ subscription as an excuse to go to Xbox but why are you using it as an excuse to leave Sony? Its your decision and i do not think Sony will be begging you to stay And no i am not a fan boy i like all consoles and certain games and i like to play online. And the reason they are now charging to play online is to get more servers, They have made contracts with local providers in the EU and many other places so that the lag will be gone. But enjoy your Xbox im sure you will have a hoot.

  • Total Wafflez

    THANK YOU! I am so glad I pre ordered my PS4 day one bundle ugh can’t wait to receive it C’mon gamescom already!

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