Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Active teased in AT&T video?

AT&T posted on its YouTube page today a teaser video of what appears to be a new waterproof Android smartphone coming soon to the network. The video shows a phone that looks strikingly similar to a Samsung Galaxy S4 being dropped by a machine into a bucket of water. The phone is then able to function normally and also answer a phone call while still submerged in water.

Some are speculating this will be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active geared toward folks who need a rugged device, or at least one that can endure the damaging effects of water. One huge benefit is that the phone doesn’t appear ugly and rugged. It looks sleek and slim. That’s great news for people who want durability without sacrificing style. Unfortunately, with rumors that the Galaxy S4 Active will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus processor, it may end up sacrificing a bit on power instead.

For now, we’ll have to hold off a bit before finding out those specs. The description of the video says that more details will be available tomorrow, June 13th. Until then, check out the teaser below to see for yourself this new waterproof smartphone in action.

[via Phone Scoop]

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