E3 2012: Microsoft Tells Offline Gamers to Buy An Xbox 360

I hope Don Mattrick does Yoga, because his foot is most certainly stretching towards his mouth once again after his comments earlier today. Mattrick, Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment had this to say to gamers who have questioned the Xbox One’s requirement of an internet connection:

“Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity. It’s called Xbox 360. If you have zero access to the internet, that is an offline device.”

Don, Don, Don. We thought you might have learned your lesson after your last flippant remark pissed off the very gamers you’re trying to win to your new console. But instead you seem intent on alienating what’s left of the Xbox One’s supporters with your anti gamer (and anti customer) attitude.

Sure, most of the issues taken with the Xbox One’s online requirement have to do with its (also unpopular) licensing DRM for its games. There are very few folks interested in the Xbox One (barring troops overseas, I guess) who don’t already have high-speed internet at home.

Also, nobody expects Microsoft to go back to the drawing board with the One. We recognize you have to soldier on with the hype and can’t second guess the less popular features of the new console.

But telling people who can’t or would prefer not to play online that they aren’t welcome in the Next Gen? You’re not making any points here, and Sony’s (wisely) ridden the backlash with its open used game policies and offline play on the PS4.

Mr. Mattrick, stop talking. Just be quiet and hope that some of your company’s big gambles with the Xbox One pay off in the end. Comments like this aren’t doing that hope any favors!

[Via: Techno Buffalo]

  • GreatPhones

    Stop the rant! Xbox one preorders are doing great so it would appear that gamers don’t share your opinion. SONY is offering developers the same DRM on games so that is not point to make. As for the 24 hour checkin, MS could remove that if it hurts sales.

  • Roaduardo

    Mr. Mattrick, go F**K yourself sir.

  • xmoddz.com

    Well….now we know why the 360 goes “great” with the Xbox One. Xbox One for online and Xbox 360 for offline. Microsoft is just brilliant.

  • Direct2play.com

    It sounds like that wouldn’t have been an option with the Xbox One, but I hope the PS4 would be just fine.

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