E3 2013: Playstation Home’s Virtual E3 Booth – See E3 Content and Get Free Stuff!

Sony has had a very impressive showing at this year’s E3, and now PS3 owners can check out the company’s booth virtually. There’s a special Virtual E3 Booth in Playstation Home and your avatar can visit it right now! Not only can you check out Sony E3 content, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn free stuff by playing mini games. From the Playstation Blog:

Be sure to stop by and see these titles in the Virtual E3 Booth:

  • Activision Inc.
  • Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
  • Iron Galaxy Studios
  • Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Supergiant Games
  • Telltale Games
  • Ubisoft
  • Zombie Studios

While you’re there, some of the Rewards you can earn include an exclusive early invite to the Killzone: Mercenary beta, 30-Day PlayStation Plus Trial, two PlayStation Mobile games playable on Vita and PlayStation Certified Devices (Rymdkapsel and Haunt the House) and 30-Day Music Unlimited Trial! There are other voucher codes to pick up (see below), so be sure to stop by the booth today!

  • Destiny – Dynamic Theme
  • The Last of Us – Dynamic Theme
  • Killzone Mercenary – Beta Access Voucher Code
For the unfamiliar, Playstation Home is kind of a Second Life lite that PS3 owners can play around and interact in. There are a slew of different themed areas, free to play games (often with micro transactions for upgrades, etc.), shops and mingling areas. Sony often promotes new games and other releases within the service.
Check out the funny announcement video below!

[Via: Playstation Blog]

  • anon

    Well, I was excited at first…… Then the fetch quests need a six axis remote to complete. Screwed me over because I don’t have, nor do I have the 60 bucks to buy one :/

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