iOS 7 is cool but what we really want is a single iOS / Mac OS platform

iOS 7 is cool but what we really want is a single iOS / Mac OS platform

Sure, the new iOS 7 is cool (or not – depending on your point of view) but we want more. While we see it as in important step forward in the evolution of the platform, what we ultimately want to see is one Apple OS that would merge iOS and Mac OS. When you use your iPhone as a mobile device, it would have the UI that looks like the existing iOS; on the other hand, when docked – it would work as a regular Mac. That would be a game-changer and we’re sure something like that is coming though perhaps not as soon as we would want it to.

Within some 5 years, most of us will have just one device – our smartphone that will change/transform into a tablet or full-blown PC depending whether it’s placed into a tablet shell (a la Padfone) or docked to work as a regular computer. We want to see Apple getting there as soon as possible. Sure enough, they benefit more from selling us separate devices — including the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers — but at one point, they’ll have to make a switch as I’m sure other platform/device makers will take that route. Once they do that, Apple could yet again regain its position as a leading platform and computer maker. It’s already one of the leaders, though.

Just imagine having an iPhone 5 that be placed into a tablet shell to deliver an iPad-like experience. Now add keyboard to the mix and start the “desktop mode” to get the full-blown Mac. Technology may already be there – no one said that an extra CPU to get the “proper” experience has to be inside the iPhone, it could be in that external dock. This way the full convergence could be achieved.

Sounds like an iDream come true. What do you think?

  • Rili Toma

    We all know how people react when Microsoft trying to merge PC and Tablet with Windows 8.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I want this too. Just one device to “rule them all.” 🙂

  • Sephron

    Didn’t Tim Cook explicitly say that this will never happen?

  • Microsoftjunkie

    MS is already waay ahead of everyone trying to do tgis. Thx god for someone who is thinking of the future.
    When Apple does this, “they were the first to think of it”. *sigh*

  • Scott Salbo

    considering how well this is working for Microsoft, thank god Apple is moving slowly on this.

    • justsayyes2

      Can I just add as an Apple user since the IIe (and an MS user since the IBM PC), having written my b-school research papers on an Apple Mac, an owner of a MBP and two white MacBooks and 5 iDevices, and an equivalent number of Android and WinTel devices….we (and I do note myself included) Apple people are an incredibly whiney bunch of ignorant, snotty, bitches. Apple’s task is simple and easy compared to MS when it comes to changes to the OS and UX. When only 5 of every 100 people uses your stuff and it’s a fully integrated hardware/OS solution, life is simple.

      So, when Apple get’s around to doing this – which they obviously will – it’ll be better and more consistent then MS has been able to accomplish even with a head start. Probably even better then MS’ 3rd cut at it.

      But we should still give props to MS for leading the way and providing the vision for the rest of the industry.

      • Scott Salbo

        Considering that my household is fully integrated with both PC (Dell Vostro for my wife), Xbox 360, Macbook Pro 17″(2009), and everyone on either an iPhone 4s or 5, and I handle all the tech decisions, I hope I’m not in the Whitney category. Microsoft tried to be very forward thinking, but institutional users are NOT adopting windows 8 because it is simply not functional. Everything is hidden, with the social up front and in your face. Users are finding themselves forced onto using DOS commands to do the things they need. DOS!

  • justsayyes2

    If this is what you want then you should switch to a Windows 8 machine. That’s MS’ vision and they are significantly ahead of others at this point. All your Win8 apps work in Win8 Pro, integrated contacts/calendar/email etc. Sure there are some teething pains, but unlike Apple, MS has to uplift 95% of the market and an extremely large variety of hardware designs, and let’s not forget the VAST majority of IT departments.

    So if Apple wishes to copy MS, even though they are behind, Apple’s tasks is simple by comparison. Let’s hope they do it!

  • Mil

    Yeah, maybe just you, I like having a noticeable difference between iOS and Mac OS. In my opinion, which from a lot of blogs I’ve read, is shared with a lot of people, desktop OSes should not be the same as mobile OSes. As an example, I have an iPad, it supports multi-touch which is great for when I’m using the device but lets say I’m on my computer and I am writing a document in Pages (or Word), I want a keyboard that I can feel rather than a software keyboard. It takes longer for most users to type on a virtual keyboard than it does a hardware keyboard. That aside If I am working on a project in Logic Pro, or editing a picture in Photoshop/iPhoto managing my iTunes library, or rearranging my filesystem, multiple files at a time, I want a mouse and an easy way to do it. I’ve tried all the Windows alternatives of these on a Windows 8 tablet and I’ll just say the user experience is horrid. As a network administrator I am still scratching my head as to why Microsoft made server 2012 touch appropriate. I can only think of RDP as the only reason why you would ever have a touch screen pizza box/blade server, and then again I really don’t know how much I’d trust allowing a cellular plan-enabled tablet managing a server like that. It just screams vulnerability to me.

    In short, I’m glad Apple is taking the approach of combining features, but keeping the UI and UX separate.

  • [anonymous]

    “We” is definitely not me. I like that the OS on Macs can be that little more refined than iOS. Windows really pissed me off with things like bringing a click-and-drag lock screen to the desktop computer. It makes sense if you have touch screened laptops or trackpads, but a vast majority of the globe still uses the mouse.

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