Parody: Apple Unveils the New Mac, And It’s Delicious

We saw some amazing innovations from Apple at WWDC this week; the unveiling of a radically new iOS, iOS7; new Mac Book Air laptops and of course, the monolithic black cylindrical Mac Pro. But there was one kind of Mac that was lacking, and I’m not talking Fleetwood Mac. I mean the burger kind.

Apple is following hot on the heels of Burger King, who unveiled a burger-centric piece of wearable tech a few weeks ago.

YouTube user Simon Balch has made a hilarious WWDC 2013 parody video, which you are sure to enjoy. So hit play and see how Apple is redefining an American classic.

[Via: Buzzfeed]

  • Nick V

    A radically new iOS 7? All they really did was change the icons. There wasn’t anything jawdropping from the WWDC event, and I saw no real WOW factor. The AirDrop feature is pretty cool, but that was as radical as I saw.

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