Apple’s mobile website hints at new iOS 7 icons

Apple unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC this week and revealed a mobile OS with a fresh new look and feel. Though some people like the changes, a handful were not so happy with the new design. For those who are not pleased with the iconography in iOS 7, hang on as the icons may be a-changin’.

Noticed by 9t05 Mac reader Darnell, Apple’s mobile website for iOS 7 has icons on display that are different from the ones released in the beta version of iOS 7. In particular, there are noticeable differences between the Passbook, Weather, Mail, and Reminders icons. Passbook shows the biggest overhaul with a light green color replacing the bright orange band. The weather icon is also different and is showing the temperature instead of some clouds. Other changes are more subtle like different color choices in the Reminders icon and the Photos icon.

Of course, the fact that these icons are on the website doesn’t mean they will show up in the next version of iOS 7. It’s possible these are  earlier versions of the ones that are in iOS 7. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be too discouraged if you don’t like what you see right now. I expect there will be a gradual evolution in design as iOS 7 moves forward. If you want to see the new icons for yourself, fire up mobile Safari and scroll to the bottom of the iOS 7 design web page.

[Via 9to5Mac]

  • ThaDynasty

    a watered down touch wiz look….hmmm great

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