It’s time for Windows One, a platform that will merge Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8

Windows One

Yesterday I said that what many users would like to see is a single platform from Apple, one that would merge iOS and Mac OS. Today, I want to focus on Windows; we want a single Windows – not one for phones, one for tablets and one for computers. After Xbox One, we need Windows One!

Microsoft is definitely heading in this direction with Windows Phone looking a lot like Windows 8. There’s also the semi-useful Windows RT which should die as far as I’m concerned. What we should be able to do is dock a Windows Phone device and get the full-blown Windows 8 experience with all the apps desktop users get to use.

I believe Microsoft is already working on this but there are many issues along the way. For one thing, most Windows apps still lack proper touch support. On the other hand, Windows Phone lacks some basic things Windows Mobile used to have like proper Bluetooth stack with support for HID profile allowing us to connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. And while we’re sure the Redmond giant is working on these and other problems we can’t help but speculate on what’s coming.

Wintel partnership, take 2

Existing Windows Phone devices are using Qualcomm’s processors but with Intel’s mobile chips steadily getting better, Microsoft may opt to get back to its “old” partner and yet again conquer the world. Wintel partnership did just that, making a ton of cash for both companies along the way.

Intel said that its mobile Atom chips could also be used in netbooks so could see something like this in the near future. I’ve been using the Padfone example before, and I’ll use it again here. Just imagine a Nokia Lumia smartphone with a tablet shell that converts to a full-blown PC when docked? Sounds like a dream come true.

The processing power of the Atom chip may be limiting for some users, but for a majority of folks who rely on MS Office and web browser 99% of the time, such a device would be more than enough. Plus, we could also imagine that a docking station has its own processor, making the desktop mode that much faster. In fact, this could be an intermediary solution until mobile chips get faster and Microsoft optimizes its OS. Love how it sounds and I’m hoping that MS’ engineers are working their butts off to turn this idea into a reality. Can’t wait. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Couldn’t agree more – this is what we want!

  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft is indeed working on a unified Operating system for it’s Tablets , Smartphones and desktop/server/laptop Computers VIA the “NT” kernel which is used by all Windows 8 devices today “EXCEPT” Window RT which use’s. I think that Microsoft should Create a new x86 Architecture Atom CPU Tablet OS that uses touch screen apps only like the Apple Ipads and Android and Windows RT tablets do. it would have no Desktop at all.. in fact MANY Windows Experts feel this is a better way for Microsoft to go than using ARMS CPU’s because absolutely every touch screen App written to run on the Microsoft Surface pro tablet would work on this Atom touch screen Apps only tablet without any modification.You have change Windows x86 touch screen apps to make them run on an ARMS CPU tablet. The problem Microsoft has is TOO MANY
    People want Microsoft to make a tablet PC which is a Tablet that runs OLD Windows
    Legacy non touch screen designed Programs written to run on Windows 7, Vista,
    windows “XP”, Windows 2000 or Windows 95 t0 98 in compatibility mode. this is the MAIN reason windows RT is not Popular CAN Microsoft Overcome this desire. I hope they can because ARMS CPU Tablets cost less to buy and have good battery life..

  • johngalt30

    I saw the padfone 1 a few years ago and since then I have been excited to see the future of mobile/desktop computing. However, I have been disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm by device makers to make more convertible mobile products. I require having a power desktop for my day-to-day work so that I can support 3+ displays. But for traveling or working out of the office, the ultimate device would be a phone running windows 8 that I can dock into a tablet and then dock with a keyboard dock. I’d really like to see displays, batteries and harddrives become an accessory to the mobile phone processing unit.

  • larry

    According to recently leaked documents Windows RT and Windows Phone will be the same thing by next year.

    • Rumin8

      Please tell us where to find this info.

  • Rumin8

    Re PadPhone idea: There is no point in requiring the CPU, RAM, and storage from a phone to make your big display work. Just stick another CPU, RAM, and storage in the back of the big display, making it an all-in-one PC; and use beefier CPU etc. The extra cost is probably zero because you don’t need to support docking of the phone and the complexities of a seamless transition as the phone switches to use the big display. Also the all-in-one PC still works if you break or lose the phone. As for having the same apps on both the phone and all-in-one PC, that is trivial.

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