Yahoo acquires photo app maker GhostBird

Yahoo acquires photo app maker GhostBird

Yahoo is continuing its shopping spree and their latest target is a maker of photo enhancing apps GhostBird.

Following the acquisition, Yahoo has pulled GhostBird’s KitCam and PhotoForge2 from the App Store adding that it has no plans to release updates in the future. Rather, they want to use GhostBird’s technology to enhance Flickr’s mobile apps. However, people who have installed any of the two apps (or both) will still be able to use the programs.

Speaking of Flickr, Yahoo has recently revamped the popular photo sharing service in an effort to make it “awesome again,” featuring bigger images and user interface that is “more immersive, more expressive.”

At the blog post on its website, GhostBird said they’re “thrilled” to be able to bring their “technology and passion for beautiful photos to the Flickr team.”

We’re not sure when versions of Flickr apps will be out but we’re hoping this will be a short wait…

As a reminder, Yahoo’s other recent acquisitions include Alike, Stamped,, Summly and of course Tumblr.

[Via: AFP, Image from DailyGalaxy]

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