Microsoft Uses Siri Again To Take Jabs At The iPad

Microsoft is at it again with its iPad-jabbing ads for Windows 8 tablets, using Siri as it’s weapon. This time around, the ad showcases Dell’s XPS 10 tablet against the world’s most popular tablet.

The ad is simple and to the point. Microsoft uses Apple’s Siri to make comments on the differences between the two tablets, all of which favor in the Windows 8 option. Clever. The features highlight the “zoom-out” function of the start screen, multiple windows, and expandable storage, with the kicker being the price point. For a limited time, the Dell XPS 10 is only $399 vs the $499 Apple iPad. Even still, we’d say that Apple’s significantly larger App Store should justify the premium, but features like expandable storage should definitely appeal to the customer.

With rather pitiful sales numbers for Window 8, Microsoft seems to take no issue pulling out all the stops with these type of ads. And we’re just going to go out on a limb here and say that the ads likely won’t have people rushing out to buy a Windows 8 tablet. Nonetheless, it’s cute to see the company trying.

Now if only Apple would start the I’m A Mac type of ads again.

Have a look at the ad below and tell us what you think. If we’ve learned anything from the ad, it’s not to pinch Siri.

[Via: TechnoBuffalo]

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