I-MEGO Gold Throne Headphones: Style packed with an awesome sound

Let’s face it, we’re in a fashion driven society, and everything from clothing down to mobile devices has to look chic. Unfortunately, quality sometimes gets lost with such a huge emphasis being placed on a product’s appearance. Remarkably, with the I-MEGO Throne headset the values of both quality and style remain intact. The Gold Throne design plays homage to the ultra cool radio mics of the 1950’s.

The quality of the headphones are great, as they are made with real leather. What’s even cooler is the Throne has a 3.5 mm cable connector, but it also comes with 1.2m cable, multi-function button/mic, HiFi ¼-inch stereo adapter, button-canceling adapter, and soft carrying pouch. This baby can essentially turn into a large headset when you have a call come in, or just deliver clear sound and bass playing tunes. Both tasks perform well.

Perhaps the best feature about the Throne headphones is its comfort to wear. These headphones are incredibly comfortable; the leather headsets are buttery smooth when covering your ears. Plus, for its size (4.0 by 3.75 inches), they’re remarkably light weight. I used them while I was working out in the gym, which is something I don’t recommend because of the sweat. For those curious, I listened to both the new J. Cole and Kanye West albums — so there was no shortage in bass while testing.

Pursuing this further, the sound overall is clean and crisp, but I did have one slight criticism with the sound being a bit choked off. It seems like it’s an extra piece of material or something that makes the output seem muffled. However, this doesn’t affect the performance of the headphones. This could also be due to having the treble turned down, but who really knows.


In last analysis, if flashiness isn’t your thing then you won’t really like the styling of the Throne. I-Mego did a wonderful job making headphones that not only stick out but keep more than adequate sound quality intact. The company offers two different versions of the Throne: Gold for base, Poison for acoustic sounds.

Of course, this kind of style and quality requires somewhat of a lofty price tag of $130. But allow me to defend the price. Top notch headphone makers like Sennheiser, Bose, Beats, etc, would command anywhere from $20-$70 more for a pair of headsets like this. Just because I-Mego is a “no name” doesn’t mean the Throne doesn’t warrant the $130 price tag. This ear candy is excellent enough quality that’ll last for years.

I definitely recommend these headphones.

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