iPhone 5S display part leaks, looks largely similar to iPhone 5

It looks like production is starting for the Apple iPhone 5S. One of the most talked about assembly parts — the display — has leaked out. Rumors have been flying about the display of the iPhone 5S because many claim Apple may move to an even larger size, perhaps near 5 inches or larger.

At least by what the leak has to offer in terms of insight, it appears the iPhone 5S will have a very similar display to the iPhone 5 in both size and build. As you can see above, the display itself in proportion with the hand looks very much like how an iPhone 5 might look if someone were holding one. There is one difference found by MacRumors however.

On the iPhone 5’s display assembly, the flex cable connectors are positioned horizontally to pair up with the iPhone 5’s logic board. On the iPhone 5S’s display assembly, there’s one vertical flex cable connector and one horizontal. Interestingly enough, a recent iPhone 5S logic board leak had a vertical and horizontal connector on that as well, which would match up perfectly with this new display.

Furthermore, this could perhaps hint at an internal redesign of the iPhone 5S. Apple could be moving around parts on the inside to make room for more powerful hardware or just different hardware. Expect more leaks with additional puzzle pieces in the coming months as iPhone 5S production ensues.

[via MacRumors]

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