Rumor: Is This iOS 7 Running On An iPad?

Apple has yet to officially release iOS 7 beta on the iPad, which has caused speculation into what the new version of iOS will look like on the device. A new video from a Russian YouTube user Rozetked has released a video today, which shows an iPad running iOS 7 “alpha.”

Since Rozetked does not disclose how he got iOS 7 running on the iPad or any other details of the build,  we can’t be sure of the video’s authenticity. The video is interesting however, and provides us with a clearer picture of what we may see when Apple officially releases the iOS 7 beta for the iPad. The video shows the Notification Center and Control Center in proportion, and several of the native app icons resemble those of the iPhone iOS 7 beta release.

While a release date for iOS 7 on the iPad is still unknown, we will surely be seeing more news of its release in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Rozetked’s video? Does it look legit to you? Let us know.

[Via: MacRumors , Rozetked]

  • ronjon400

    i had ios7 running on my iphone 5 and according to the video my eyes are telling me that is ios7. From just the picture…..meh, but the video convinces me.

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