Hipster Zombies -Shoot Pabst Cans at the Ironic Undead!

Sharkbomb’s recently released mobile game might be the ultimate stress reliever. Hipster Zombies pits you against huge mobs of hipsters who constantly attack, new wave after new wave. You’ll defend your side of the screen from your arrogant attackers in a similar way to Plants Vs. Zombies. Oh, and they’re zombies too, so it’s OK to shoot them.

There are different hipster types such as obnoxious pipe guys, sunglasses and blazer jerks and headbanded neo ravers. Players strafe up and down the side of the screen using different ammunition, such as LPs, glasses and Pabst cans in their garbage cannon. It’s free to play but extras can be purchased with micro transactions. Hipster Zombies is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store

From the Play Store:

When hipsters turn themselves into zombies and haunt the living it’s time to fight back. Ironically.

Fight against legions of pretentious undead in this light-hearted arcade action game.


At night the hipsters leave their hiding holes, walking towards you looking for brains. Brains and vintage clothes. Now it’s your job to stop them from infecting and plundering your neighborhood. Granted, it’s not that bad a job if you ignore the lethal risks. After all you get to frag some zombies.

* Wield a variety of different ironic trash-weapons
* Collect coins to upgrade and add to your arsenal
* Defend different locales of your neighborhood against the hipster horde
* Freely move in 2 directions!

“It’s just like plants vs zombies without plants. Instead you have Instagram hipsters and direct control. So awesome!” – Frank Wiener, huge fan.

Be sure to check out the trailer below!

[Via: Google Play Store]

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