Verizon discounting the Droid DNA and Incredible 4G LTE to make room for the HTC One

HTC sells around 5 million HTC One units

According to Droid-Life, Verizon Wireless is kicking off a fire sale to move its existing inventory of the Droid DNA and the Incredible 4G LTE. The phones are now labeled “close out” and inventory of the two models will not be replenished as units are sold. At this time, no other handset is slated to replace the phones, leaving a wide open gap for the HTC One to fill when it finally arrives on Big Red.

Though Verizon has confirmed it will carry the HTC One, it has not set a concrete sale date, only ¬†giving us the target time frame of “later this summer.” Fingers crossed that this means early July and not late August.

[Via Droid-Life]

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