Verizon Eyeing Acquisition of Canadian Carrier Wind Mobile

Verizon is looking to expand its network north of the U.S., according to a report from Bloomberg. Verizon is eyeing the acquisition of Canadian carrier Wind Mobile.

The purchase of Wind Mobile isn’t the only option Verizon is looking at for its expansion north, according to Verizon spokesman Bob Varettoni. Varettoni stated, “We constantly evaluate a wide variety of business opportunities. This is just us dipping our toe in the water.”

Wind Mobile purchased some spectrum in 2008, when the Canadian government auctioned off portions of the spectrum to increase competition in the wireless sector. Currently the Canadians airwaves are dominated by the likes of Rogers Communications Inc., BCE. Inc. and Telus Corp, who have control over approximately 90 percent of Canada’s mobile market.

While Verizon is considering other options for their expansion into the great white north, acquiring Wind’s almost 600,000 Canadian subscribers wouldn’t be a bad start.

[Via: Bloomberg]

  • So, if VZW acquired Wind, would VZW users from the US be able to use our phones on that network without roaming?

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