LG to start making flexible displays in the fourth quarter

LG to start making flexible displays in the fourth quarter

LG Display is expected to start mass-producing a new flexible smartphone panel for major clients from the fourth quarter of this year.

The company’s spokesman Frank Lee said that his company is looking to meet “the rapid need for display advancements,” adding that these flexible displays, which are bendable and unbreakable, could be the next innovation in display-making technology.

In a statement sent to The Korea Times, the company said that its monthly capacity for the line was set at 12,000 sheets.

Perhaps more interesting is that LG Electronics — which is the major stakeholder of LG Display — plans to release its first flexible smartphone later this year. That could be the Optimus G2 or some whole new device that doesn’t fit any of the existing lines of LG smartphones.

Aside from LG, Samsung’s screen-making unit, Samsung Display, is also working on a similar product but we doubt they’ll be using flexible display in the upcoming Galaxy Note III…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Can’t wait to see what flexible displays could add to the smartphone experience. They sound promising…

  • This could herald the rebirth of the pocketable phone. Today’s phones are often too large to fit in the pocket, but if they were foldable, of course this could be done.

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