Samsung Galaxy S4 July orders reduced by 50% to 6.5 million

Samsung Galaxy S4 July orders reduced by 50% to 6.5 million

We’ve already told you that Samsung isn’t selling as many Galaxy S4 units as it initially hoped for. In fact, the Korean company has reduced July orders to 6.5 million, which is half from its May orders of 12.2 million units.

The Galaxy S4 sales skyrocketed from the day one with Samsung managing to sell 4 million devices on the opening weekend, and hit the 10 million milestone in just 26 days from launch.

The initial demand is leveling off and sales are now slowing a bit. We’re not sure whether the increased competition from other high-end smartphones like the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z has anything to do with this, or this is just a result of Samsung asking too much money for its flagship device. We do know they plan to retire last year’s flagship, Galaxy S III, in hope that will help drive more folks towards the Galaxy S4. Slashing the price could also help… just sayin’… 😉

[Via: ETnews, UnwiredView]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Yeah it’s HTC One which is killing Galaxy S4 sales…

  • robin

    Of course , samsung was always blowing in the wind that previously they said they had already sold out 10 millions GS4 ,which was not sale numbers but shipment numbers ,and without new innovation and so GS4 must be accurately beated out by new hTC one which is the best smart phone now.

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