Snapcat Lets Cats Snap Selfies On Android – Get It Right Meow!

It’s all happening, folks, the age of cat selfies is upon us! A new app called Snapcat lets your cat become the photographer in your next super cute cat pic on your Android device.

The app starts up displaying a black screen with a small erratically moving red circle darting around the screen. The idea here (which any cat owner knows is true) is that the cat will go insane and paw at the dot. When the cat’s paw touches the screen, a picture is snapped. The process continues, allowing for multiple photos to be snapped in one session. By tapping the volume button on the recording device, the photo session will end. Boom, instant cat selfies!

Snapcat also includes a host of filters and sticker that users can use to make their kitties look even more fabulous, and sharing options to post your Snapcats to your favorite social networking service. A mustache on Boots? Don’t mind if I do.

If you’re a cat lover rocking an Android device, check out this app right meow.

[Via: Google Play Store]

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