Xcom: Enemy Unknown Comes to iOS

Console and PC hit, Xcom: Enemy Unknown has made its way to iOS devices. It will be compatible with iPad 2 and later models of Apple’s tablet, and the iPhone 4S and 5 on the phone side.

This is kind of big deal, actually. This is a coup for tablet gaming, a medium generally associated with $0.99 casual games or simplified ports of older titles.

Xcom is a full-fledged, deep, “hardcore” game. It’s been optimized for touch screen but had none of its content or functionality removed. Xcom: Enemy Unknown came out for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 just last October, so it’s a modern AAA title as well.

Just remember, this is no casual title. It’s a full game that brings a price tag and space requirement you might think twice about. Xcom: Enem Unknown will cost you$20 and it’s a 1.86gb download. It’s worth noting that used copies of the game for Xbox 360 are still going for $37.99.

From the App Store:


***NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and up, iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and up and iPhone 4S and up – WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES***

The award-winning PC and console game of the year comes to Mobile!

Threatened by an unknown enemy, Earth’s governments unite to form an elite paramilitary organization, known as XCOM. As the commander of XCOM, you must create a fully operational base, research alien technologies, plan combat missions, and lead your soldiers in fierce battles against a terrifying alien invasion. The decisions you make will affect the fate of humanity. You are our last hope.

Key Features:
– Recruit and level-up soldiers
– Discover new weapons and technology
– Play randomly generated missions
– Engage in strategic combat
– Use enhanced touch controls designed for mobile

[Via: iTunes]

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