Nokia Ad Makes iPhone Users Zombies

Nokia capitalizes on the zombie craze in its latest ad for the Lumia 925, targeting the iPhone 5 and its camera. You can watch the clever ad below.

It seems like the diss ads are piling up lately, making the mobile phone market look like the United States during election season. Microsoft has had some gems lately, and the Galaxy S series ads have long taken cheap shots at Apple devices’ shortcomings. This latest ad from Nokia shows a group of pale-faced, red-eyed zombies stalking a man on the night-time streets of a city.

The joke is on the iPhone camera, as the zombiedom is passed through the use of its flash. The zombies are washed out, pale and red-eyed due to the use of the iPhone 5’s back facing LED flash, much like subjects in flash photos often end up.

The Lumia 925 has excellent l0w light capabilities, unlike pretty much any other smart phone camera currently available, its CCD can take clear night-time images without the need for flash.

So, surprisingly, the joke isn’t that iPhone users are zombie like followers (a common theme in Samsung ads), it’s about the camera! Apple generally tends to take the high road with this type of advertising, and doesn’t bite back. But maybe an Apple ad focusing on the plusses of the iPhone camera will be coming soon?

Check out the ad below!

[Via: Razorian Fly]


  • PeterSteinbeck

    Cool ad. No flash = no zombies. 🙂

  • Awesome AD. Good thinking relating the zombies.

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