Ingenious, Tangle Free ‘BAND’ Car Charger

Anyone with both a smartphone and a car knows the perils the car charger. Whether it ends up wrapped around the shifter, the parking break, or your passenger’s leg, the long, thin cable snaking from beneath your radio is always getting in the way, and tangling itself in knots. Now TYLT has come up with an alternative, with its BAND car charger. The thick ribbon design makes it tangle free!

The BAND comes in many colors and in both Micro USB and Apple’s 30 pin connector, with Lightning port on the way. You can grab one directly from TYLT for $39.99 or from several retailers.

From TYLT’s site:

TYLT is revolutionizing the car charger. The Band Car Charger boasts a sleek new ribbon style look and features that won’t disappoint.

The BAND CAR CHARGER’s 2.1 Amps allows for super-fast charging of any tablet or two smart phones simultaneously. It’s easy to feel, easy to find and don’t worry about hiding wires anymore… you won’t want to hide the BAND CAR CHARGER.


• Silicone Unibody

• Wide Flexible Flat Ribbon

• Available in 4 Vibrant Colors
• Available in Apple 30-pin
• Available in Micro USB
• Coming Soon in New Lightning Connector Apple version
• Includes additional USB port for rapid charging of a second device simultaneously

[Via: TYLT]

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