iOS 7 beta 2 brings back Voice Memos, now compatible with iPad

Apple released iOS 7 beta 2 for developers today and while it unfortunately doesn’t focus on improving the often-criticized design flaws, it does bring some minor improvements to features across the OS.

The two main takeaways of the beta 2 is that it brings back the Voice Memos app, which was missing in action for the first beta, and that beta 2 marks the beginning of iOS 7 betas for iPad. Yes, you can now install iOS 7 on your iPad as well. There were some fears that because iOS 7 beta 1 didn’t support the iPad, development was further behind but that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

The Voice Memos app is pictured above with that disgraceful new icon. Although since it is horrible it fits in pretty well with the rest of the icons in iOS 7. The design of the app itself is pretty nice though. It’s simple, functional, and takes on a dark theme. It’s somewhat buggy, but that’s expected in a beta.

Other improvements for now include small avatar heads on display in group messages, a much less buggy Reminders app, a new button in the Weather app for managing cities, and smoother (but not faster) animations.

If you’re a registered developer, you can grab iOS 7 beta 2 via an OTA update for your iPhone or iPod touch. The iPad version is available for download in the iOS Dev Center.

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