Want a Gold Plated HTC One? It’ll Only Cost You $2,900!

Goldgenie, the company responsible most recently for the gold Blackberry Q10, has done it again. Now a gold or platinum HTC One can be yours, though it’ll cost you a pretty penny. The gold-plated One is retailing for about $2,900 American!

Famed for introducing the Gold Superstar iPhone series to the market along with the Gold Samsung S4, global gold-plating giants Goldgenie are releasing another world first: the Gold HTC One phone.

Retailing prices start at £1895, Goldgenie’s Gold HTC One phone is available in a choice of Gold (£1895), Rose Gold (£1995), or Platinum (£2095) plating. Featured in either Silver or Black, users can choose 32GB or 64 GB of memory. All phones are delivered in a beautifully customised Goldgenie box, making this a complete gift-to-go.

If you want some bling bling on your ring ring, you better be prepared to pony up the big bucks!

[Via: Goldgenie]

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