Forget About the Power Glove, Here’s the Glove Phone!

Are you sick of being the “bluetooth jerk”? Are you tired of moving through life with the ear cockroach always munching away at your dignity and self image? Are you ready to make a change? How about a bluetooth glove?

The BBC recently featured a prototype made by Sean Miles of Designworks that allows to the user to literally “talk to the hand”! Dubbed the “Glove Phone”, it’s really the guts of a bluetooth headset built into a leather glove. There’s a speaker in the thumb and a mic in the pinky. So you use it just like you would if you were pretending to talk on the phone on your hand. Genius!

It’s a proof of concept, showing how wearable tech can be integrated into existing apparel, rather than requiring separate devices (like Google Glass). The big leather  gloves looks a little ridiculous. But having the tech built into something more stylish could work, especially in the winter.

“We look at a lot of wearable technologies in the studio,” Miles told the BBC. “Really, we were focusing on bringing together a technology and everyday item that would allow you to get on with your life, without interfering with performing its everyday task.”

The added bonus feature, of course, would be talking into your hand and looking like a crazy person wherever you go!

Check out the BBC’s feature below!

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