Havok Releases Free Mobile 3D Game Engine, ‘Project Anarchy’

Physics engines designer Havok has released their mobile 3D game engine, Project Anarchy. Available for Android, iOS, and Tizen, Project Anarchy boasts C++ architecture, an assets management program, customizable game samples and tutorials and Lua debugging. The engine melds Havok’s Vision Engine with its AI, physics and animation toolkits. These features have been used on franchises such as Skyrim, Uncharted and Halo. Now they’re out for mobile developers!

Havok’s head of developer relations, Ross O’Dwyer, said Project Anarchy provides the same toolkit that PC developers use.

“This complete set of tools lends powerful graphics, physics and animation capabilities to mobile game development teams for free regardless of team and project size,” O’Dwyer said in a  press release.

Havok also launched an online forum for community support. Developers can join in the discussion on forums and participate in Q&A sessions. Also, the online forum will allow early access to new resources and upgrade.

The download link was down earlier today, but it looks like it’s back up!

FREE Cross-Platform Engine and Toolkit for Mobile Game Developers

  • Develop and release titles on iOS and Android for free (yep, free!) – upgrades for additional platforms, source and support are available
  • Extendible C++ plugin based architecture
  • Includes Havok’s Vision Engine together with Havok’s leading Physics, Animation and AI tools
  • Comprehensive game samples and tutorials to get started
  • Online community support with forums, Q&A and videos

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